View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Airing Dirty Laundry, and other Escapades

Andrew went off his Bi-polar medication over a week ago, cold turkey. I decided to go off mine half a week later. Now, half way through the week, I'm feeling very headachy, and Andrew is flying. He still gets depressed, but it isn't a great swing that he gets now, and he does seem happier without all the nasty side effects, so its nearly a win-win. So hopefully we will both do better without the drugs.

Yesterday, the children helped me cook some chockie chip bikkies. They really do enjoy the simple things like baking. And eating the results too... even Kai who for many years wouldn't eat chocolate or sweet things only chippies and fruit will indulge in them now, and Raven will venture to eat them with enthusiasm, before he wouldn't touch them.

We have also over the course of yesterday and today, tackled one huge problem - the kid's toys. We are getting rid of a huge bag full of toys we no longer need, freeing some space in the children's bedroom and making it more ordered and less of an atomic bomb site. We are freeing ourselves a bit and the children have a real desire to keep it sorted (hopefully....) So, come Easter (We don't give traditional presents like soft plushies *exception: Monika as its her first will get a giant Thumper ie from Bambi), they get practical toys. This year it's going to be a roll under the bed train table/roadway/dolls house toy as a combined gift and chocolate and chips too. It makes sense in our world.

We are going to put together a special project - a fish tank which celebrates plants, of the fully aquatic, amphibious and terrestial variety. I'll post more on this as it happens... Also the children have noticed my blogging and Labryinth and Dante have both expressed interest in beginning thier own, we'll just see how that happens.

I also did another layout today, since Sundays are suppose to be Mummy Scrap Happy Day...

Well, I'm off to say Nighty Night to the beautiful children I have, so I will say Goodnight to you readers too (If I indeed have many). Q.

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