View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Belated Easter!

Well, visually, here is our Easter:

As I've mentioned before, we like to spoil them on Easter and not buy stuffed bunnies but something a little practical in the toy range. This year it was a train table that is a games table and a lego table and a black board in one. They loved it, of course. This is what they found Easter morning.

Now the Bunny is Thumper from Disney. Disney is not normally our thing, but when we were cruising for Easter gifts we saw this and decided it was so gorgeous that Monika had to have it for her very first Easter, and of course it was OK as she hadn't had years of bunnies accumulating needlessly around her cluttering up our house. So this is her first and only rabbit she'll get for Easter, but its pretty bloody special, it's three times her size!

The middle pic is of Nan, Pop and Monika on Good Friday. As always, Andrew makes such a lush fish meal. We enjoyed Salmon steaks, a Rick Stein inspired white fish dish with sour creme sauce, home made fish cakes, chips and vegetables. We get our fish fresh from Island Markets if we don't fish it out ourselves.

For our Easter Feast we enjoyed Porterhouse Steak, beer battered chips and steamed vegetables. Wonderful!

It was a wonderful day for us all, I hope yours was as good!

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