View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Dreaded Work Sheet Monster

Yes, today we resorted to the "boring" worksheets. To my surprise they all enjoyed them and want to do more lessons. That's great! Labyrinth and Dante did identifying a sentence, they all did a phonics lesson, Kai did Adam Ant "A" worksheet from the mentor writing series, and Raven did a work sheet on colours and shape identification.

Earlier in the day we did our usual "hooked on phonics" and Labyrinth is really wanting to plod on ahead, while Dante is soaring, and Kai is getting it very slowly but he is getting it. Maths today (taught by Andrew) consisted of addition and subtraction (1-12 kinds) and he worked with them until the concept clicked. *lightbulb* Labyrinth is doing fantastically with writing, she has the motivation now. Dante lacks the motivation, but he is still achieving, and Kai hates it so we're doing a new approach (ie the Adam Ant worksheets).

We cooked a Chocolate Fudge Cake, which can be found here. The children loved it, we will do the muffins next time, we just need more muffin pans. We only have one. Labyrinth and I have also taken up knitting (its that Steiner thing - they should know how to do practical things!)

We did our afternoon archery lessons, and the children rode bikes, played on the trampoline and ran around heartily. So, I guess that's PE. Monika is having a lovely time learning how to rock back and forth on her knees and hands (but when will the next step happen??) And we played a Ravensburger game called "Labyrinth Jnr" for the life of me I find it a bit difficult (:rolleyes:), but its a good thinking game, really, and if they get it, it might actually click in my head too.

I guess those "boring" worksheets may just be what I need to get them motivated with writing.
We have to fill in the paper work to have Kai officially added to our "homeschool".

All in all we really got along with our work famously today, and that is what it is all about :D, Q.

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