View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conversations about US

Today after a mundane start to the day (ie chores), and Andrew having a doc's appointment, we endeavoured to get to our Blackman's Bay homeshool discussion group.

It would have been easy if our van was behaving herself (on a rare hot day she tends to overheat, poor girl.) So we had an improptu play at the park while she was quenched.

While the Adults debated our Homeschooling situation in the lounge, the children played silly buggers in the shed, with other homespun children! It was great, it was organic and it was educational. Besides the inevitable debating with a particular woman who insisted on being off topic and praise and glory be... it was fantastic.

A homeschooler (who alone advocates in the legal sysem as "the" expert witness on homeschooling in Britain) was visiting our humble island, had so much to say. Her inquiry was why are we so insular and isolated. She had to find us through THEAC, and she only really clipped the top of the iceburg. Somewhat our community consists of a majority of christians, or so it seems. Scratch the surface and I think the island has much to hide in the fact that there are many fellow homeschoolers out there, wanting to be unseen, invisible and therefore untouchable.

She encouraged us to go out and get a support network going, and Andrew and I have decided to put together a homeschool network forum and website for Tasmanians. Its a start, but breaking in through the barrier might be tough (I mean, for heaven's sake we've been at it for quite some time now - 18 months). I hope some Tassie homeschoolers under the radar will join up, be unafraid so that we will be able to become united and strong as a community.

I've seen the way it can run, and by god, its wonderful (Brisbane - the heart of the free homeschoolers who homeschool despite the crap legistration up there!)

It may be a unique place, Tasmania. THEAC does have some Government involvement, but we don't see any of that here. On the face of it we see the veteran homeschoolers who choose to come and visit to check us out see we are cool and generally leave us to it. I've heard of the opposite too, that they are interfering Gets but not in my experience. They have been very supportive, but I have and will flount the law if necessary as I have had to in the past. We should be free to give our children the education they deserve, which is NOT one in an unnaturally structured and stiff environment. I am a fighter for the things I believe in, and I do not give in.

The rules are getting tighter though... my 5 yo is now suppose to be schooled now. 5! Where, O Where has my childhood gone, oh Where, O Where Can It Be????

Well, dreaming of an awesome forum and group for Tassie Networking, Oh YEAH!


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