View From My House

View From My House

Monday, September 29, 2008


So Sweet & Happy...

Admittedly, I've been very busy and enjoying life as much as I can, but that's no excuse! Monika was 1 on the 20th of September. She is now walking lots! She got a Little Touch Leap Pad and lots of books as her main present, a nice new skirt and butterfly top, and she and all her siblings had a wonderful day. Despite the rain and wind we had a lovely day, a play at Hungry Jacks where she was doted on by her Nan and Pop. The presents she gave her siblings were well recieved as captured by the camera above.

Below is pictures after the event. They enjoyed a community based Circus Feista at the newly built Brighton Civic Centre at Bridgewater. Not only did they get to see preformances, they got to do craft, get face painted, try out some fun "circus" type activities and feed on copious amounts of fruit kebabs, cake and other deliously healthy fare. Here they sport their puppets and their face paintings for the camera. This happened on Tuesday the 23rd of September. They were also reaquainted with their Aunty Michelle and her two children, J aged 4 and E is aged 11 months. They've come to visit from far off Perth-istan. They had a ball with them. Nan was also there to watch and help watch over the many grandchildren that were sprouting out of the nooks of everywhere.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quasior's been busy, very, bery busy

So much to do and so little time. We've been madly getting through our reading lessons, Kai has now jumped up to the green level which is the one before Master Reader. He's just flying, he did the red level in just under 2 weeks (that is 6 months worth?). Dante is up to lesson 8 in Master Reader, Blue. Labyrinth, lesson 5 same level. Raven just loves his little Dora books! We read them everyday but today he went to sleep straight after tea so we missed out! Poor little guy - he came into the study where I was listening to Dante read and he asked for his Dora book and I told him I'd be straight out after Dante had finished - which I was, but it was too late! He'd already crashed. SO he will be first tomorrow. A part of Monika's present is LeapFrog the first book reader thingy, so I'll be adding that to the daily list of things to do as a special thing for us to do as she just loves books so much and seems so interested when I'm doing reading lessons with the other children.

Monika is still taking steps and talking quite a bit, unfortunately at her check up today (I forgot they dropped the 12 month check up in the blue book but I'm so glad I got her checked out). Turns out she's actually dropped off her growth and weight (?) and shes closer to 70%ile as opposed to 90-97%. It appears to be due to the fact she's only been interested in breast milk for the last 6 months, the last two weeks have seen an increase in what she'll eat, but it's obviously not enough. So he wondered if I would give her liquid vitamins and try and force her to eat. I can only try, but she's healthy and walking now, and her milestones are better than average so is it all panic for nothing?

Last night Labyrinth stayed at her friends house and made a pizza and puff pastry treat, they played well. So the boys had a bit of a boys night in and didn't have to do any chores for last night and today. They enjoyed a picnic tea, a new DVD - Eragon, and then did some modelling with their father and some lovely spray art which I'll add in another post later with other art.

We're back to doing animals, to the children's wishes. They are doing quite well. if interested. *Free*

Well, that's it for now, there isn't any more, (lots happening for me - but for some other time), Q.

Friday, September 12, 2008

SPRING is here.... and Pocket Money!

Today was a great day! It was like having a birthday for all the kids. As previously mentioned, they are allowed an extra $10 when they finish off a level of Hooked on Phonics, and guess what, they all did (bigger 3). Raven and I finished of phonics box number 1, Dora the Explorer, and yesterday Monika took her first steps! Here is what they brought (with their normal pocket money combined). A black hawk for Kai, Monika got her Upsy Daisy, Dante Ben Ten's UpChuck and add on wild seas which is a part of a huge set he got last christmas, Labyrinth has her 'twin' Bratz Babyz dressed in brand new clothes and she also got a minature Bratz Kidz today, and Raven got his Diego Rescue truck set with howler monkey.

Also had a very positive day as I am now getting help to be a carer and I had a counselling session today *). Fingers are firmly crossed I might be able to get help in paying for my training in Kindermusik! I might be able to get an income and support our family. YAY. Lots of positive happy things today, including a happy Andrew, the newest box set of Dexter which we are both enjoying, and of course young Monika is walking. Stuff the cliche I LOVE SPRING! Sing it from the roof tops!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just in Case Today is the End... So Yummies

The mad scientists from Switzerland tried making a replica of the BIG bang. See here. Obviously it didn't create a huge black hole to swallow the earth as we're still about. In possibility that it would be the last hours with my family we did some of our favourite things. One was these cookies, another the children watched "Kung Fu Panda" while Andrew and I spent some quality time. Then they read to me because believe it or not, we do actually enjoy doing that. Anyway anyone interested might enjoy my photographic step by step choc chip cookie recipe:
Step By Step Choc Chip Cookies:
1. 125g of butter per recipe, cut up into cubes to melt in the microwave. Today we did a quadruple recipe but I'm putting the ingredients up for just one:

2. Melt the butter.
3. Put 3/4 C each of SR Flour and Plain Flour in a separate bowl.
4. Mix vigirously into the butter mixture 1 Cup of soft brown sugar until it becomes caramel syrup like.
5. Break eggs into a cup to check they are OK then mix it into the caramel like mixture. It should look like the second picture below:

6. And eventually look just like this (lots of whipping!):
7. Mix the wet into the dry ingredients gradually.
8. It will eventually look like this:
9. Add in your choc chips. Mixed in they will look like the second pic below.

10. Roll them into small balls and squash onto the grease-proof paper as shown:

11. The last and most important step. Bake in a pre heated oven (180*C) for 8 - 12 minutes, the warmer the day the less time. You'll figure it out by trial and error. The trick is to grab them out just before they start going golden brown, still soft but still hard enough to hold their shape when you take them off the tray. Cool, but not too long before trying... they'll melt in your mouth.
The finished product should look like these! See how they are still quite pale? That does make them very yummy. But if you prefer a harder buscuit allow them to cook longer so they are golden brown on the bottoms.
Enjoy, Q.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From Today... Art

Dante did a whole heap of drawings today at home, while the other children, excepting Monika played at Nannies and Poppies house!

Raven's Dinosaur Egg with dino stamping all over it:We also did more reading lessons today, and did our weekly chores (the ones that only get done once a week like vacuuming !!) Other than that I've been enjoying some time doing a personal essay for Uni (yes I am, really). As we 'speak' Andrew is doing modelling with the boys, Labyrinth is surfing the internet and Monika is demanding a feed, so until next time, Q.