View From My House

View From My House

Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun...without the sun!

Whoever said you can't have fun without the sun?
I went to peg the clothes on the line this morning, in the vain hope it may not rain :) to find my eldest three really enjoying their play. They were pretending to take on the roles in Go Diego Go, using english and spanish, and enjoying themselves immensely! Under a bleak and sunless sky, the kind that permeates a day of wind, cold and rain - bleached and muted colours. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find they were very happily enjoying themselves, and learning at the same time (Dante was Diego, and they were in the south pole with penguins). How cute is that?

Other breakthroughs: *Raven is toilet training! YAY! We have a tradition, with the first wee on potty they recieve a gift. Raven is Dora the Explorer mad, so he chose a Dora heart shaped bowl. He has succuessfully been three times now, and only one accident, so far so good. That was Thursday his first.
*Kai is getting along with reading, very slowly but he is reading and so excited to be reading. Dante is cruising, well into second grade. Labyrinth is very nearly finished the first grade review (under a week she has completed the review course - which is very nearly the whole course). Raven is learning to speak Spanish, as is everyone in the family. We are also teaching German and Japanese.
*A sister of mine is pregnant, and a brother is moving into a 2 storey 5 bedroom home, and already was buying a large home.
*Monika is very nearly crawling. She is just over 5 months. She can say a few words clearly enough for Andrew and I to understand.
*Our neighbours from hell have moved out. We can only hope the people who move in will be decent!!!

On Thursday we did the spectrum of reading, writing, spelling and maths. On Friday was just reading. I want to be doing reading daily so they don't slip behind. They are keen. I've also told THEAC we are teaching Kai this year, so they'll be adding him and coming to visit soon. Before we had 2 years dispensation...

Enjoying life without our beloved sun, Q.

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