View From My House

View From My House

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Land of Lessons...

Yes, it's true, they all love worksheets, and they will write a fair bit without complaint because of worksheets (but just try and get them to write in their journals - impossible!). Raven's been learning all about rectangles and the matching stuff thats the same, while the others have been working on sentence structure and phonics.

They also did their reading lessons, which I am happy to say, is coming along famously. Dante may need to go back over what he's learnt, since Labyrinth has she has absolutely taken off. Just tonight she insisted on reading Hop On Pop by Dr Suess to the whole family, and it wasn't ardous, it was very pleasantly read and she is developing such a sweet reading voice! Dante just wasn't trying, but when he does he cruises, and Kai is doing very well. Raven and Monika, of course, just love being read to and being cuddled up while I read them a story.

After lunch was a game of The Very Hungry Caterpillar counting game, which was good, everyone felt good because they got to be beautiful butterflies at the end and fly around the room. It was sweet, too. After that I set the two older children up on a good math's site called Rainforest Maths. It is well worth the visit for any child, having Australian standard curricula in a fun and engaging environment and my children really enjoy it.

I got in contact with an old friend who hasn't been well of late, and has had to give up work. What is tragic is her inability to do her illustrations, which I would have to say the world is temperarily deprived of a beautiful artists expressions, and her inability to play bass which is also a great talent. Get well, dear girl!

I'm very happy with what the children and I were able to achieve together today. However, I would have to say I'm even more impressed with what the children achieve with no imput from me. Above is a lift the flap page that Labyrinth has made and she decided she wants to make a book of them!
I'll post more of their work now the idea has been sparked, what a way to record it!
Anyhow, I'm tired, I'm going to bed. Nighty Night, Sleep Tight, Q.

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