View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Garden of Earthly Delights.... er I wish...

We did our lessons this morning, reading and worksheets. Reading is coming along very well, and they are "getting" the concept of complete sentences. We will be moving on to the more complex grammar slowly, but one step at a time. Kai is the one who is surprising me - he's picking stuff up faster than Dante and Labyrinth as a rule, and once he's got a concept its locked in his memory. Reading is slow if he's learning words and sounds, but give him a book and he's away! Raven is learning shapes and colours since he can already count and do his ABCs. Monika is crawling backwards very competently, and is taking a few forward knee motions but fails on her arms movements, so very nearly crawling.

Then the fun came this afternoon. Gardening! I love garden's but before I just haven't been motivated (renting makes me NOT want to put the effort in for someone else's benefit.) But here, we are in public housing so they are not going to make us move in a hurry, so we decided to put in a garden.

First is the Arch.

And the Garden Before:

And the during photos of the children really getting into it:

It's Jasmine that we planted next to the arch, to creep along and up it, we'll be adding more plants to it next week. On the other garden is another Jasmine plant, and we will be adding to that too. Also I'm looking at getting another purple flower to complement those Jasmine plants in looks but not fragrance so much. Jasmine is one of my favourite plants on earth.

Oh, and it was a Lavender bush we pulled out and threw away. I know some people would consider that sacrilege, but I get whopping headaches from the strong scent, so to me its a bane. So, it went. That's the second time it had been pulled. This time I got rid of a heap of root system, so hopefully that will knock it in the head this time.

If I had the money, time and energy I'd love to make a Labyrinth in the back yard, with a Alice in Wonderland type theme going. But, I would only spend that time if I were to buy this house. Plus I want a vege garden and we'll be starting a potted herb garden in the back. We have tomato seedlings on the go at the moment from gardening earlier this week.

I would grow raspberries and an apple tree too. I might anyway. Oh, and stone fruit trees too... yummo.

So, I guess it was a bit of a science lesson, planting, seeding and watering and beginning a garden again. The kids school work is coming along nicely, I just really need to get some uni work on the go (which I have actually) and it will be coming together very nicely for me.

People often ask "how do you have such a large family" and "how can you homeschool all of them?" But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way, nah ah, not me. I'm a crazy mummy who loves her children and love them around me, learning and pottering around doing their thing as they go!

So, heres to a potential Garden of Earthly Delights, :) Q.

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