View From My House

View From My House

Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Uns Group at the Train Park and The Forum

Coming right along is our Forum for Tassie Homeschoolers. Its going to be good, if only we could find other non christian homeschoolers... are you out there? I certainly hope so, and I hope they aren't afraid to join either, after all its for all of our benefits!

Besides getting the children to clean their room (frustration), we did very little this morning before leaving to go to the Little Uns Homeschool Group meet today. It was meant to be lunch, but we ended up just drinking and sheltering from the very hot sun and gusty winds. But it was very informative, and very good to meet others. We met two women and their children, Linda and Polly, Hey I remembered! YAY! There was a boy and a girl around Raven's age group who I really went to the meeting for, so he can socialise with other children of his age so he gets to be less shy... and it's kind of working.

We then had to do some fresh food shopping, ie go to the fish markets, vege and fruit market and meat shop too... and laybyed some really great boots for Labyrinth (boots really suit her), and some slippers for everyone but Dante and Kai, which we will be on the look out for coming up to the cooler months. Boots just don't go for me, unfortunately! Children just seem to grow out of things so incredibly fast, don't they?

We then headed home to do a few groceries and took an alternative route home, where we came across a sign stating baby budgies for sale. So, we went and got one (beautiful colbate blue I think). We are using an aquarium to house him, with natural branches and a plastic toy (which I plan to get rid of in favour of making our own by threading branches and gum nuts together), that will be a great crafting activity.

We may be calling him/her (unsure of sex) Birdy-Boo, in favour of Raven's nick names. (He created Monika's which I won't disclose here...) Any how, I was pleased with today, and finished off with some lovely trout and garlic, fetta, olives, pasta and cabonara chicken salad and some fruit and hot chips on a platter, YUMMY!

The Forum is slowly getting out to people, we handed out flyers today, and plan to do the same thing just keep handing them out to people, leaving them around places and hopefully we might get a following.

Well, more lessons tommorrow, and I'll take some pics of the budgie and the fishies for the forum,
all the best, Q.

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