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View From My House

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who Killed Dave?

Who Killed Dave? you'll never guess By Linda Cockburn.

In the beginning, I noticed the clunkiness of the character introductions above the story itself. I am cool with this, many great writers have clunky debut novels so I was not put off (read: Neil Gaiman, Kim Wilkins). There was quite a few characters, many of which had a large amount of backstory which was needed, and as a result this made for a clumsy beginning. I need not have worried because Cockburn's story has indeed been told well. The plot and the story flowed naturally and very nearly told itself.

It was narrated by a psychic woman in her late twenties, Robyn, who has some connection with everyone living in her street, Kaos Court. She was totally believable, as her version of the events of a short week is told as she experiences them, interwoven with her personal insights, recollections and reflections of the residents and people connected with her story. As the events happen, almost unbelievably so as so many things happening at once; but builds itself to a natural peak. Dave is hated by everybody in the street for varying reasons, and his death is as bad as his life to the residents of Kaos Court, all of which have motivations to want him dead.

The humour is natural, I would compare it to ZigZag St by Nick Earls. I found it much more belly aching than ZigZag St, the fumbling romances are much better played out in Dave and the sequence of events lead to a much more enjoyable read. I know many people love ZigZag, and if they do they should really give Who Killed Dave? a go because there is a similar tone of humour to both. In my opinion though, Who Killed Dave? is a much better story though (even though ZigZag is based on a true story - and they say truth is stranger than fiction!).

Her discriptions are hilarious, her insights marvelous. I recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour! Julie Hyatt-Harris.