View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking for Fun and Feelin' Groovy...

Hey everyone!

Today I'm on top of the world again, (meds must have kicked in again). I'm sweet with the kids and visa versa. We had a great morning getting the house in fantastic shape and the kids had eaten before midday.

After lunch was a game of Thomas the Tank Engine, memory. This is a great game as Raven can join in (and often wins - he's got a sharp memory). Games are great to get the kids thinking, but whoa does it make them competitive! They learnt it while they were at school and I am NOT happy about that.

After which most of the afternoon was dedicated to lessons, and they were all great! Writing has improved, reading is coming along (Kai even surprised me with what he retained this time around). Labyrinth has now completed the Yellow level or the equivilent of Grade 1 which was a review, Dante is now 1/4 through Grade 2 or the (or half way through the Orange level). Raven even insisted on a lesson (basically we just practiced the alphabet phonetically and normally, he can do both with ease.

Later in the day Andrew was well enough to take them for a math's lesson, which was using pretend money, the notes are minature Aussie Currency, whilst the coins are not quite right in colour/size but they still "get" it anyway. So, he made a scenario about them going out to work, then coming back home and giving mum and dad money for power and food, and after which they got to go shopping themselves. They had to work out how much money to give the "check out guy" and how much they would get back if they got change. They really enjoyed it. Educational benefits are numerous.

I should be able to start studying properly soon. There was a screw up in one unit I was enrolled in and so it isn't actually offered this semester, it will be next semester. So I had to get a new one to do and I have to wait til I get the welcome letter for that before I can begin, and also waiting on my books to arrive. Can't wait! This is a great way I keep my brain coggles moving around in my head.

After tea we all headed outside for PE. We enjoyed archery, and the children also enjoyed running around, playing and jumping on the trampoline. Then they got to clean up the back yard, we turned it into a game, and it ended up being rather sucessful. We have everything outside organised too, now! OMG. This doesn't usually happen in my world. Everything done, feeling great about it, I guess thats why I'm feeling groovy right now. Stuff is done and I can fully relax, even though I'm nearly 3 weeks into my uni course and not been able to do a thing. Ooops.

I love my kids and they are very important to me. I honestly don't know whether Andrew will ever be able to work, so I have to get this degree and start working myself. I don't want to be poor all my life, and I certainly don't want unemployed parents to be the role model for my children. They are all fantastic, intelligent human beings and deserve better. That is also a reason they wont be attending school. I can do a better job!

Groovy, Q.

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