View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rearranging, changing and renewing

Been at it again! The kitchen and laundry got a make over thanks to Andrew! He made shelves in an otherwise useless cavity, and therefore I now have a big pantry. How good is that? The kitchen now has my fish tank in it too... I decided I no longer wanted water changes near my precious scrapping (one of my layouts got ruined last week (*tears*).

I gave the children lessons, too this morning. We did gardening, we planted herb seeds and tomatoes. We also did a reading and identifying sentences lesson, and a hygiene lesson. Raven toilet trains well with wee, but not great with poo, he's only done that the first time he went potty ever. But, its all early days yet. Monika went forward one crawling step today. I don't believe it is long away at all now (but I wont be holding my breath).

We are looking into martial arts for the children, and we are going to be going along to a homeschool network group twice this coming week (if I but have anything to do with it). Andrew is still med-less, but he's not as tired, just very irritable. He's got an emergency appointment with his psychiatrist early next week. So... I wonder what will come of that?

Friday was dedicated to shopping for books and presents for Dante's up and coming birthday! He will be 7 this year, and all he wants for his birthday is fi... no dinosaurs, erh, what??? Yup, hes wanting dinosaurs, in particular walking with dinosaurs. He told me today he wants to learn about all kinds of animals, and he needs a shed out the back to study them all. I told him he needs to read all about them too. So, we got him a great big book about dinosaurs, a small fact book about dinosaurs, a plush shark, and a large schleich T-Rex.

We have a tradition in our family. When it's a childs birthday, the birthday child gives a present to each sibling as well as getting gifts. So the boys will get a schleich toy each and Labyrinth is going to get a bratz cd. Not sure about Monika yet.

They spent their pocket money on books this fortnight. Labyrinth got an educational book and complementary cd about the supernatural (which she is beginning to heavily get into now), and Dante a book on dinosaurs, Kai got two book World War 1 and 2, Raven a Dinosaur Colour book and Monika a material Dinosaur touchy feely book which they all love. I got a copy of Golden Compass 1 and I'm not ashamed to say it!

Their homeschool money was dedicated to getting knitting needles, and materials for quilting. and pins etc. My mother has kindly donated her sewing machine to us to do it.

Yesterday was shopping day, I got a large piece of craft wood to do an off the page scrapping project, Andrew the materials to complete the Laundry. Fish and veges and groceries, the afternoon was spent at Nans and Pop's house visiting cousin Rueben who shares a birthday with Dante (same day, 12 hours apart, Dante being the eldest).

Looking forward to regaining my motivation and abilities, these meds suck but unfortunately I'm too depressed without them, until next time, Q.

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Hi Ana,

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