View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sick Today, so short and sweet...

Twas Dante's Seventh birthday today. He got the presents I mentioned last week, Dino books, Schleich toys and a dino excavation kit (that he is having a ball with), and an invite to his cousins' birthday party next monday. They were actually born on the exact same day - how rare is that??? Even rarely it was 12 hours apart. They actually get along quite well so that should be a good day...

Monika got 3 peek-a-boo blocks, Raven a schleich Panda, Kai a dino scheich toy and Labyrinth a Bratz DVD. They had a good day, getting up early, having pancakes, choc milk and custard tart (I had my customary muesli of course!) Then it present time and computer time while they waited until lunch, which was a pseudo BBQ with birthday cake (excavation site in the mud cake), and treats from Nanny and Poppy. Nanny and Poppy gave him an activity dino book, and a how to draw fish book (he adores that), socks, and a DVD (12000 leagues under the sea).

I got my uni books today too! And there was the play and food time at tea time (ended up being Mcdonalds as Monika and I aren't up for much else. Head cold (stuffed up, hot, achy - you know the drill. While they played though, there was some PE milestone breakthroughs, Labyrinth can do a decent cartwheel, Dante has proven to himself he can sumersault, Raven can with help and tah dah, Kai can do headstands! Dante can also climb wide straight poles like a "birthday boy monkey", not to mention Labyrinth climbing onto the equipment up the poles and onto the top bits (naughty, naughty).

All in all, a fairly decent day... I'm going to bed early! Love Ya, Q.

Happy Birthday Dante (will post a pic of the cake tommorrow)

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