View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Something Amiss....

In the homeschool community and support services in Tassie?

Today I went into Birchalls, a place that gives "discounts" to homeschoolers, but they don't. They don't really have homeschoolers go in there at all. OK. Fine. Whatever. So, I ask will you do "homeschool discounts" at all. She said they would give me the same discounts they give to schools: on selected text books and that was all. mmmm. Disappointing.

Last fortnight I went into a bookshop that in the THEAC newsletter also "offered discounts to homeschoolers", nah, not any more they don't.

They do in Windmill still, I think its 5%. Whoopee! But I guess it's better than nothing, and if it were an expensive purchase, then yes, it probably would be.

The problems arise from several things. Homeschoolers down here lack community spirit. They don't flash a THEAC card around when they do their shopping. Therefore we don't exist. There a pockets here and there, but I've only found small isolated pockets. Thats why I'm trying to get the forum up and running, so I can get a unity in vision and voice for our community.

I know there are non religious homeschoolers down here, but where the heck are they??? They keep so far under the radar its impossible to find them. I'm trying to get the word out there to them, so if you think you can help direct them to T.H.E Forum please?

Besides that disappointment, we had a lovely shopping spree (OK picking up laybys for Easter). Easter is another excuse for buying presents for the children isn't it? That's our excuse anyway. We also got a very decent vacuum cleaner Werthiem (one of the best and costly). Very happy (and eventually we'll have good credit rating from them). We'd love to buy this house, it has exquisite views. I'd build in a pool and I would extend up and out if I had the money.

I would also dearly love to communally build, but Andrew doesn't see my vision, he doesn't see the vision of the gypsy lifestyle either... oh, so sad!

We brought a science reader today on Sharks! Will be a good resource for getting Dante up and cruising with reason (or incentive).

We were too busy for lessons today, but we played "I went to the shop and brougt a..." game. We love that and Eye-Spy. They don't like singing with me in the car anymore. I still sing to the younger two, but the older 3 don't like it anymore!

Even if it is Good Friday tommorrow, I will be giving the darlings lessons!

Well, high dee ho everybody, Q :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Xanthia,

Which bookshop no longer offers discounts?


Quasior said...

Birchalls/Book City Hobart no longer give discounts