View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging.... and stuff

Its pretty nuts around here at the moment, while I have recovered enough to be typing again (Yes, real broken bone, but easily recoverable, no operation/cast just therapy - it was a cracked radial head = LUCKY!), there have been other issues.
I've been heavily asthmatic since breaking my arm, and flu/gastro has ravaged the house. It hasn't been pretty. Raven, as usual, has suffered the greatest and the longest. Poor little tacker.
On an upper note, we have started our myth/legend unit... we're discovering The Greeks right now. How niave I've been not to realise we owe so much to these very sophisticated, hugely intelligent and innovative people. Theatre, style of governance, free thinking, sport, recreation, religion that is intergrated throughout everything and of course philosophy.
I'm yet to get back into scanning/taking pics. That will be sooner than later now. The children are all starting thier own blogs, the youngest two will be doing photo/video blogs while the older two can show off their skills they are yet to learn on other forms of blogging as well as those types. Just set those blogs up today, yet to make posts, but at least they are ready minus pics - which will also arrive soon.
Labyrinth is turning 10 on Thursday, and we'll celebrate at home then on Saturday we'll be having a greater family bbq, inviting the cousins etc. The weather is totally unpredicatable, so we shall see how that happens.
I'm sorry to have been so lame about getting blogs up, but that should now be a past issue now my arm is this much recovered, cheers, Q.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a very quick update

There's some changes happening, very exciting!
We'll be embarking on a new long unit concerning Legend, Myth, Folklore and Fairytales from around the world. I guess its partly inspired by Steiner education, partly to inspire the children to be immersed in the wonderful world of story that is part of as many cultures as possible. As we study each mini unit, we'll complete a lapbook, do various activities to bring alive the stories using whatever the story inspires us to do and mark it onto a location on a map, defining it by type, and reference to location of the corresponding lapbook.

The following few weeks will be dedicated to Greek and Roman Mythology. Labyrinth will get a chance to learn about the meaning of her name, however well leave Dante's to modern Italy (Inferno).

The littlest are very much enjoying ABC Reading Eggs (we are using a free trial and brought the first kit). We use Muzzy too. The older children will still be doing the everyday basics the 3 Rs of course, but Andrew has decided they are ready to begin to learn computer programming skills, and start blogging and fundamental web building skills, so with any luck you might be seeing a bit more of them!

Other than that I've been sick probably due to my lower immunity due to my arm, won't find out if I need surgery until Tuesday which will hopefully put many concerns/queries to rest.
I am finding this so slow! I wish I could use a voice recognition for this blog!

Anyway, until nect time, Q.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I feel like an idiot... Hey no different!!!

I've gone and broken my arm! Never before have I broken a bone, could feel much worse but there you go...

Was walking towards the van on a cement path, must have stepped off the path slightly and whoosh the tire was coming at me then i flopped onto my back and couldn't feel my arm, initially just felt my leg... quite grazed and bruised. Was thinking, didn't bother me as a child, big deal, happens. trying to use my arm noticed it wasn't working at all properly, hurt like hell if I moved it in a particular way but if I nursed it, it wasn't so bad.

I went about my appointments and shopping anyway. Andrew inspected it and decided I needed a doctor... Normal GP busy, so off the after hours dr who examined me briefly deciding I needed X-Rays so off to ER. There I seen an ols aquaintence and her poor preety toddler girl having a good play waiting... turns out she choked on food it got into her lungs, infext and give her pnemonia. Poor lass!

After a brief wait I got X-Rays (without pain relief)... couldnt get a clear image. Much, much, much later (after another suspected fracture goes home without a break during this time), Im finally taken into the after hours clinic to be seen by nurse and doctor who determines that most likely I have a fracture in my Radial head as I have limited movement in my twist and extension movements and no strength in my grip. Go home with heavy pain killers and await the mercy of the orthopedic clinic... maybe a week of waiting! They will do CT and/or MRI to decide if I need surgery then. Otherwise I'm in a sling, uncomfy!

So, please be forgiving if I'm slack, have lots to do like Uni/home educate and one hand typing is very slow! Q.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

99 bottles of *sand* on the wall

Sand Crafts it was today... Here they all with the fruits of their labours. They all had a great time making them, I didn't help the bigger 3, just guided really... Monika and Raven made all the decisions, I just helped them to do it by holding the bag weight basically. Now I want to do one! (Don't mind Monika, she's just woken up, and frumpy cute). Enjoy...

Awww... the extra photo of Monika, so entreating and irrisistable!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Week Of Art, Reptile Unit finished, YAY

Our Reptile unit is now finished. We watched the last two episodes to the Life in Cold Blood, which were Sophisticated Serpents and Armoured Giants. With worksheets, facts etc that were taken from various internet souces incl. Enchanted Learning site (fantastic but limited as they are based in the States). So I sourced Aussie facts on snakes and crocs from various places incl.
tiger snake facts here and other snakes here and croc'n'snappers here... important to know really depending where we might be living in the bush. Below for the next three are various examples of the worksheets completed, first is Labyrinth's sheet which is descriptive words about various reptiles.
Next is Kai's poem and snake picture:
...and his pictures of various reptiles complete with label.
Here Dante was required to label the various reptiles.
The rest is various artworks the children have done over the course of the last week, no where complete. Dante's Flat Lizard sunning itself on rocks (obviously inspired by the unit).Raven's Sack Boy from LBP.
Still into Scary Stuff, this is one cute monster, by Raven.

Above is Raven's Frog, below Labyrinth has drawn a swan feasting on a fish.
Labyrinth's Girl bouncing on Trampoline followed up by an ABC TV inspired drawing of Fish and Seals under the Ice.

Kai has drawn an eye view of a War Zone. He's decided he doesn't really like real war. It's a bit scary (that's an early jump, and thank goodness for that). But he still likes the fantasy of it at this stage.
And here is Kai's Striped Penguin.
This is also inspired by a drawing show on ABC TV. Dante has drawn a lovely fish/light rain/clouds and rainbow scene.
This next one of Dante's is inspired by Ice Age 3, where the T Rex is about to eat the baby Triceratops.
Next two are Dante's ZOIDS... a Death Stinger and a Command Wolf.

Besides this they've been doing BOOST Math on the computer, still doing writing drills in their books, read aloud, usually to the littlest two (makes it a bit easier on Andrew and I - they aren't asking us 24/7) and to themselves from chapter books. Dante's currently reading Extreme Adventure: Scorpion Sting, Kai is reading The Donkey who carried the Wounded, and Labyrinth is reading the last graphic novel to the anime Fruits Basket.

Today we are, after lunch, going to do glass bottle and sand craft, and cooking cup cakes tomorrow.

I've started doing Uni again, as previously mentioned, which has been taking up far too much time just finding the cheapest books. Also we've brought about $200 on various green building methods and bee keeping which has also taken up lots of time reading those, but loving it. It was actually worth a lot more, but there was a huge 30% discount blanket across the store as they were having a huge birthday sale of 30 years. YAY Book City. Imagine building your main house structure for under $1.000 which is fire proof. Yeah, I'm interested.

Also been sick a bit too... and Raven poor lad, was feverish on Thursday night but now seems perfect. Monika is weaning slowly... and as I didn't manage to put up any of her artwork I owe a photo of her next time. As for now though, I'll endeavour to put up at least two posts a week or more. Q.