View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Digi-Scrappin', Comics and Things....

Here we have young master Raven, first time I've digi-scrapped him. Slowly moving up the line. Nearly finished the off the page project of Monika, and posting shortly. This week though is going to be buzzzy.... I've got two assignments due Friday, naturally this means I've got to do some actual real thinking and work hard. Of course, I would rather be playing and making and doing, but I do actually have to make myself do these things.

Big disappointment, if I do a radio play it has to be non-fiction (I had a screen play sooo ready to be adapted - might still anyway for hope it may get taken up by a local or net based radio, who knows. Synopsis is: (true story) A man kills his wife because she gosses too much on the phone. I kid you not.) Anyways, screw doing a current affair type thing, I'm going to review something... something fresh in my mind would be Watchmen by Alan Moore. Now that was a fine piece. I really, really like his full spectrum use of the medium. Not a huge fan of the super hero genre per say, but this isn't quite straight forward in that way. Much more about the death and rebirth of the super hero entity. Moving from the fight the good but small crime to global change with a view a little bad is justified if a whole lot of good stuff comes from it. I liked that, I just didn't like the characters as much as I did some of the characters in say Sandman or even X-Men. I like X-Men over Spidey and I despise Super. I like a Super Hero with a darkness to him/her... I like depth to a character. Spider Man and Super Man reek too much of sterile goodness for me, and the other Justice Leaguers excepting Bat Man of course. He's nearly insane. I like a spectrum of sanity too...

The Paludarium is being completed as I speak, and pictures will be taken and posted in the next day or so. My neck and shoulders are sore due to my bursa being overfull of fluid and sadly enough I still haven't managed to get the letter from my GP to the physio yet, which was given to me weeks ago. I'm starting to notice again, so I really have to do something about it, at least it isn't what a friend of mine is suffering from - Rhuematoid Arthritus. Nasty, nasty stuff that. I feel for her, but its all looking up I think.

I'm going to do another post now, on the birthday party we went to yesterday... Cheers, Q.

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