View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 reasons why I home educate

1.To create a loving, safe, creative, unhindered place to learn for my children. So they may not lose that wonderful spark of curiousity that inhabits them from birth. To allow them to be individuals, to allow them to think for themselves, to act on their desires instead of having them decided for them. To allow them to have a childhood.

2. To take advantage of various styles of education without having to spend a fortune on a single design private/alternative educating system. We adopt various things from Steiner/Wardof, Unschooling/natural learning with the basics, Child-Delight/Led learning.

3. To enjoy a wonderful, free unforced lifestyle.

4. Because we can provide better for our children as we know them far more than a teacher who only has them in the classroom with 29 other children who really require the same focused individual attention.

5. Because I'm excercising one of the few rights I have over my life, and using this as a role model for my own children to allow themselves to be as free to choose as they want, without the baggage accumulated from school.

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