View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Random Art and The Party

Above: Labyrinth's Scrap of 2 memories... Bob The Builder Dance and riding a bike in Brisbane.

Below: Dante's Octopus
A gem... Dante did this gorgeous seascape and only just saved it by being eaten by the Monika Monster and was very impressed!
Below: Dante's Menangerie
Kai's Beneath Our Feet:
Today they did a page about the party on Monday, Labyrinth loves to do decorative writing. Shall introduce her to calligraphy some day.

All in all, I'm very happy with their reading progress and their arty progress. Raven loves to do his lessons, and he is relearning the alphabet phonetically (plus we do counting and watch U-Tube learning things and visit such places as KneeKnockers and enchanted learning websites. I am partial to the older Sesame Street stuff, that has humour, has style and class that is sooo lacking now. Kai has knocked me over with his very quick intellect. Not 11 months ago he knocked me over with his ability to handle a broken leg (until he had an X-ray, they didn't realise just how bad a break it actually was), now it's his mind. WOW for Kai! Dante is plodding along, advanced in science and reading, slow with writing. If he puts his mind to it he is fine, just getting it there is the hard part (everything really has to be centred upon his interests, obviously FISH orientated.) Labyrinth's fine. She's now doing her 3rd grade reading, I'm looking at purchasing the 4th grade Hooked on Phonics in August. Her art is improved amazingly, she is very sensitive and emotionally intuitive, which is abolutely beautiful. Finding an interest that takes her breath away is our challange, it is yet to be found.

We did scrapping off the page today. The two eldest are making board books, while Raven and Kai did paintings and got all stuffy about not having board books to make. Going back to last pay day, Labyrinth and Dante opted to get some board books while the other two got things to build wooden toys.

We made pizza tonight, with the children's help naturally. We made it with cheese crusts.

Hopefully the paludarium will be finished soon. Really looking forward to it Andrew *)... Have a nice night, Q.

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