View From My House

View From My House

Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's post is about yesterday and today....

For those of you who are not attachment parents (or something like it) the following image of Monika may disturb you, just ignore it. But for everyone else here is a picture of Monika snuggling a pillow in our family bed (well, Andrew's, Monika's and mine) as if she would be snuggling into me. I saw her and thought how gorgeous and took a photo, to me this is a natural photo, unlike the flyer they push onto new mother's at the hospital - propoganda!

Above: A poem I shared as part of our Poem a Day with the children, one I wrote for an internet project some time ago. The boys! Here as quick shots taken when I was sick in bed... and the first and last shots of the Jasmine (part of our Paludarium) which is flowering.. argh more trouble with the layout. Don't like the html option either!

Back to the family bed idea: Just my thoughts on it. I have had 5 very happy children, all of them as babies co-slept with Andrew and I, and to me it felt much more natural and both less worrisome and stressful in the sense of just being able to roll over breastfeed while I'm basically still asleep. The baby actually matches their breathing to yours and there has been some moments I've been there when a couple of them have been very young I've reminded them to breathe. The research that suggests co-sleeping is a contributing factor to SIDS was paid for by crib and nursery furniture companies in the US. I've never and neither has my husband rolled on them, as a mother you have an odd thing in you that makes you aware of your baby and you never quite fully asleep (light sleeping), you know the kind - it's that kind of sleep you get as you near labour when you're pregnant, well I've found with co-sleeping its present much much longer. So, in my opinion, I'm doing the right thing by me and my children.
Being so sick, I haven't updated the blog as much as I'd like, but rest assured, the children are still learning. Yesterday we read poetry and books to each other, did a little maths, a mad lib and some writing. Dante read more oh say can you say dinosaur? Kai read Cat in The Hat Labyrinth read More Riddles. This took some time, but believe me Kai is up to task, and Dante just wasn't as into it as he could be.
Today they are spending the day with their Nanny and Poppy so that Andrew and I might recover. Hope you aren't suffering the 'flu too... Q.

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Summer said...

I loved cosleeping with mine. So warm and snuggly, and it makes breastfeeding at night a piece of cake. My toddler still slips into bed with me each morning for a snuggle and early morning nurse before his big brother wakes up.