View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our little bit of paradise

Today I have worked all day on doing the last of this semester's assignments. The children more or less had the day off to run around and play outside, and I took a short break to play with them outside too... and observe how our garden grows and to get them to play nicely with each other, which they did and really had good time doing.

I then put on a music DVD for children for them to sing and dance to. That's it, that is all we officially did today. Andrew finished off the paludarium though, so I am happy to say I've got the pictures of them to finally post!

Above: Apistogramma McMasteri and Nannacara Anomola

Below: Snake Skin Discus

Above: SS Discus again

Below: Paludarium full shot favouring the Jasmine, small pot of 'erbs, Maiden's Tears

Further Below: Favouring the right side showing ferns, more Jasmine and the Spider Plant

Below: Showing a closer look at the front of the aquarium and the plants growing in the planter pot, ferns, venus fly trap and over the back there is the Aloe Vera
Below: The Aquarium

Above: Full shot of Paludarium

Below: Apistogramma McMasteri

Far Below: Nannacara Anomola (Golden Dwarf Cichlid)

Below: The Blue Acara girl that I've raised from hatching
Far Below: The Salvinni

Above: Schools are for fishes! The Neon Tetra School of Indiscriminate Grappling *)
Below (all 3 shots): of our wonderful living science experiment of the dreadful Sea Monkeys TM, modelled by our wonderful Dante.

That's All Folks... Q.

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