View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wasps...stories...*black and white paintings*

Rather short today, I fear. Monika is being difficult.... that age really.

Today we looked at yellow jacket wasps, wrote stories, did a maths/alphabet solve the code worksheet and painted pictures in b & w.

Across: Labyrinth - "The mouse ran down the hill to meet the possum at night".

Above left: Ravens Dora colour-in. Above right: Dante's Wasp Story. It reads, "The wasps sting the snake to protect the babies and the queen."

An example of the break the code worksheets below and Labyrinth's Swan Mother with cygnet and clutch.

Raven's wasp and story *)

Dante's Raven in Stormy Sky

Across:Raven's Tonal Study

Across: Kai's El Elephante and below: Kai's Bee Story. It reads: "The wasp stings a man in the army. Ouch!"

And lastly, Kai's picture of the Yellow Jacket Wasp.
Incidently, these worksheets come from eTap,
and Enchanted learning, right off the web. All was free, but because they have been amazingly helpful to us I thought I might give them a plug and say we intend to purchase a membership to both places...

I really enjoy teaching the children, they are full of curiosity and excited to learn. However, personally, I would prefer not to have to teach them out of worksheets, but they like them so... hence forth we use them, at least until they tire of them.

Also, they did reading lessons. Even little Raven! Today he repeated about 1/4 of the phonics alphabet to me, and the other 3/4 he knew! Kai is quick, he'll be finished the yellow level very soon. Dante is quick too, if he just wanted to finish a lesson, and ditto for Labyrinth! OK, we do about 3 lessons on average, and they do enjoy them unless it's just page after page of new words, it must wear them down a bit. But if it's a story its a completely different attitude, or a game or spelling or similar. So I tend to break it up a bit. They like to read things off the shelf by choice instead of doing a lesson, which I'm very pleased to let them do.

I loved their paintings today! But now I must fly.... Q

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