View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The onset of winter is bringing on the 'flu

... and wonderful reading in front of the fire, bliss.

Yesterday the children brought a book each,

Labyrinth brought Witch Chapter Book 2 - The Disappearance. Raven Dinosaurs bright bot series and How Do Dinosaurs say Good Night?

Here we have Kai and Monika's selections: Mega Book of Tanks (Kai) and Baby Dinosaur (Monika).

Mine: Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom: Superior Saturday (and I'd recommend them to any reader from chapter books up...) and below is Dante's choice, Let's Discover Dinosaurs. I thought they were so good I got the other 3 in the series for further reference.

The formatting here is getting just plain wierd so please forgive the strange layout of the post :?

Raven, Monika, Dante, Andrew and I have various degrees of illness with the 'flu right now, so besides shopping we haven't been very social. I called in briefly to a lovely friend's place yesterday and couldn't stay (doing shopping and such) but also we were too sick really. Anyways... Got lots of fun stuff to play with this fortnight, makes me very happy :))) - Leather and lace and ribbon, for whipstitching, a loop so I can start doing my cross stitch, and we're redoing the loungeroom so we can have the reading corner in it to encourage reading, I can't wait, plus we will be adding in a paladarium and decided to go for a plasma at this stage later before the end of the month as we need a new TV (ours is dying and we decided to upgrade to LCD earlier but after much research and just plain checking them out we're going for a no name brander Plasma TV which will sit above the fish tank in the paludarium, so the focal point will be less the TV and more a lush environment with the little reading corner just next to the area (and in the back of the room there will be a little study nook with the children's computer and our musical equipment set up and other storage for homeschooling type things like board games and art materials etc.
So projects on the go: Cross Stiching the Heliotrope Fairy, making big yummy cushions for the reading corner (and maybe a ragrug), doing my off the page baby brag books for each of the children (well... finishing off Monika's with whipstiching with leather straps and lace and ribbons and doing the other's). Reading when I can, but not too seriously (I want to get V for Vendetta and From Hell - Alan Moore graphic novels next). Superior Saturday it is for right now. That's just me.
The children: - cross stitching bookmarks, doing their off the page scrap projects (now have a car and a train on the go for Raven and Kai as they complained so bitterly they didn't have them even though it was out of the big two's pocket money), and basically lots of drawing and painting and making wooden toys.... while I've got so much extra time... 5 weeks I believe until the beginning of semester 2.
I don't usually take on new literature while I'm studying as I've got too much going already, I occasionally treat myself to a graphic novel or an afternoon read (shorts, novella or poetry).
Well Moniks sounds like she's going to choke herself if I don't go in and feed her... she hates to wait! So, lots of fun and exciting stuff on the go, post some soon, Q.

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