View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monika Baby Brag Book

I believe that is what they are called.... to me its my almost finished off the page project. I hope to gift this to Monika on the arrival of her first baby or some other significant event in her life...

I've had so much trouble getting this thing to work! In the end I had to call in Andrew's expertise in HTML to get it to work. It has taken well over 24 hours (broken up times obviously). I haven't finished binding it yet, but I'm going to do some purple whipstitching and add ribbons and lace later.

Yesterday, we went and visited a friend who is giving away her puppy (her X partner gave it to the children on their visits over the holidays). Being in rented accomodation and the size he was growing up to be and the expense made it impossible to take the puppy on. There were many tears shed and hearts broken. I feel so sad for their little family at the moment... we went to have a nice visit and see the puppy and see the angora bunnies they are bunny sitting right now for a friend.

For some stupid reason theres this whole big gap between the typing and the images, and the frustration of trying to get them to be side by side and in the right order has left me and Andrew frustrated. But at least they are actually in the right places now, so here they are: Back and Front pages, first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth respectively... M is For Monika, my cut-out baby :D

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