View From My House

View From My House

Monday, June 9, 2008

Queens Birthday... Whatever! We do our own thing...

Maths - Fractions and Addition:

Dante and Labyrinth are plodding along and

getting it, but Kai is soaring for his age!

Here we have the first day of our bug unit (inspired by The Bee Movie.) Not because it was particularly good or anything, more opposite really, correcting those pesky untruths they loaded onto the children such as Bees 2 legs and 2 arms when we know that insects have 6 legs, and other wonderful, factual tales. Actually, my mother insisted they take her copy as it was so educational... umm well enough said. Below Kai's says, "The bees live in hives with honey, their babies hatch from eggs."

Raven's done a lovely picture, tis a shame this bloody scanner doesn't pick up yellow very well. Below is the poem about bees. Further below is Labyrinth's Bee Poem and picture. "Bees Buzz, Flowers Grow, Honey is made and its Yum, Yum, Yum!"

Above is Dante's. His states, "The bees make honey from flowers, and fly around looking for flowers."
We also looked at Haiku poetry today, and we discussed how it relates to a moment in nature, and tries to capture a feeling. I read these:
The breeze brought it--
a moment of moonlight
to the hidden fern.
-Foster Jewell
After I step
through the moonbeam--
I do it again
--George Swede
The fog has settled
around us. A faint redness
where the maple was.
--Claire Pratt
and two from children
Soap bubbles!
My face is flying
-Masahiro Suzuki, Japan, Gr. 4
Mr. Ant,
do you mind if I set you
on my leaf boat?
-Norimasa Oikawa, Japan, Gr.1
The fog poem particularly caught their imaginations, as we could see the fog outside, thick and cold. So we rewrote it together to suit our own environment:
The fog has settled
around us. A faint greeness
where the trees are.
We also played guitar and did some singing. I read to them - Mem Foxes Possum Magic, A lift the Flap Thomas Adventure and Steve Parish's Mother Duck's Family.
They played really well in the cold stillness of the afternoon, and hugged each other before disappearing to sleep. Monika is in the process of cutting her newest tooth, and suffers for it. We made pizza tonight (dough and all) and the children made individual ones, faces etc.

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