View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horses, of Course!

Yesterday we learnt about horses, and the children are really improving with writing! Above is Raven's, of course the image is all he has done, but isn't it wonderful, he told me it was a sleeping horse *) Below is Dante's effort, it reads: "Horses live in grasslands. Because horses can run fast, people use them for races."
Next is Kai's wonderful horse picture. His reads, "Horses eat hay and grass. They are fleet of foot to escape predators."
Here is Labyrinth's lovely purple and blue horse. Hers reads: "Horses eat grass and hay. Hay is eaten when there is no grass to eat."
Here is a picture Raven drew, at least he said so... I have my suspicions Kai had something to do with it.
And here is the horse worksheet we worked from.
No doubt in my mind who finds reading more natural, young Kai! He's speeding through and can't get enough! Although the other two are doing very well, its taken two goes at the yellow level to make sure, but I don't think I'll be needing to do that with Kai. He corrects Labyrinth when she is reading. Wow to that :)!
Young Raven is learning his phonetic alphabet and his numbers again. He could recite most of the alphabet before but now he's relearning it phonetically. He knows numbers too. He's learnt colours and shapes, I'm fairly confident he knows what he needs to know at this stage, but really, who needs to push, he is nearly 3 so its really up to him, I'm not pushing.
They all love doing art, so tomorrow they are getting their first real art lesson, the colour wheel. Again, I'm in no rush, they will run with it if they want, and I'll be happy to keep up with them. On the other hand, they are asking for more lessons, so I'm upping reading lessons to twice a day to get them reading independantly faster, and I'm helping them more with writing, and gee hasn't it improved???
Other news: Monika is saying more words now, she can say Mum Dad Dante Bub Stir Bye Fish confidently, and attempts others. She is no closer to walking very content to get around with crawling so I am doubting she'll be beating Labyrinth to the mark now, but she has nearly a month to go to the deadline. She can also wave goodbye, it was sooo cute when she did it for the first time yesterday, and then today to my parents.
Labyrinth is getting more and more challenging so I put it to her: If you want more from me all you have to do is ask - don't be bored, do something about it! So, I've agreed to those extra lessons.
Dante is a stirer, so is Kai. So they have to improve by not tormenting their sister. So there can be more harmony in the home the challenge for them is set, and also I'll be keeping them busy with more lessons.
Raven is using more words, is really toilet trained except for going out (sort of, he has been out without a nappy, quite fine with 1's but not so confident with 2's). He's also drawing all the time, and he loves it!

So, besides getting healthy (personally) and getting more stuff done, we're in the middle of resorting the house (the story of our lives) but we're actually sorting out that quiet reading corner, our studies, computers children ready and media centre ready and fully sorting out storage of clothes and probably getting rid of much unneeded things that are cluttering up our house and our living spaces. Our garden is now improving, things are growing nicely, we have been given 5 more roses of varying types, one name I can remember is the fairy rose. We'll be planting them out the front into a 'rose garden'. Jasmine outside is suffering from the wind, the other lot is shooting out new runners and putting out flowers. YAY. The children had fun giving the garden a drink today.

Well, its been slow lately because I've been quite unwell, or coping with the others while they've been so unwell. Whoopy Doo-Dah Day for the 'flu shot. OK, we could have suffered much much more, but it was so drawn out it was ridiculous. Oh, and I've been busily working on various crafty projects. Must get down and work on my children's book too...
'Bye for now, Q


Rach said...

Just to let you know Q, that my Dad died early on the 25th of June...the day after my birthday.


Quasior (A. Harris) said...

Sorry Rach, I've tried getting to your blog to post a comment and give you some comfort, If I could only. I'm sorry that he's gone for you're sake. I hope you are doing OK. It is hard to lose someone you love very much.