View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Animalia marks the turn of a decade

For a young friend of the families. Happy Birthday M. 10 as of yesterday... it was an animal themed dress up party. The girls were butterflies, Raven came as a raven, Kai as an elephant (his favourite animal), Dante a shark (his favourite at the moment). We brought young M glue, sticky tape and a dress (which got lots of approvals from the girls in the room.)

So here is the photos of Raven, Monika (above) you can just make out her wings), Dante and Kai (front and back shots), and Labyrinth (front and back shots).

This is stunning of Raven, he looks so cute!

2nd above Labyrinth dons my friends bee face mask, so cute *), and you can just see her bee costume to the side. The last photo I included because it was really such a great photo, imbued with such poignancy, the end of a party and all the people who brought it life have gone away. Three photos above is when I was trying to get Monika to smile, I had just given up and was going to take the shot anyway and this was caught so beautifully at that special moment!
Dante and Kai actually made their face masks, they were fantastic, and Labyrinth helped make her antennae. So, the lesson today here folks was social interaction and craft based. Labyrinth's special friend Z decided he wanted to be friends with Dante more and dropped poor little Labyrinth like a hot potatie. But she still had a good time with M, which was more important. Plus she got to learn that being too forceful isn't helpful sometimes, and a gentle touch is far more appropriate sometimes. he got a bit freaked out because she was too affectionate and hugged him too much when he got slightly injured. (fall from a walnut tree). Really, my kids are very affectionate and many other children don't 'get' it. Shame really.
I met a person in person I'd only known on a forum before. That was interesting. There were other people there I knew or met that day and they were all lovely interesting people. I only wish in some ways, that I could put a little capsule of time in and get to spend enough time with each person without making my family starve or be too bored. We were the last of the families to leave, at 6pm as it was.
And then there was Kai's final assessment for his leg. He doesn't have to have it rebroken! It has a bone length difference of 14 mm, but overall difference of 3/4 of a centimetre so they said that's close enough. Bottom line is his legs will play catch up on each other until he is about 16 years old, but shouldn't be noticable, and then it will be normal thereafter. So, it was a great day, and with brilliant news like that, what's not to like? Q.

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