View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not much to say, really...

about schooling we did today, because we didn't. We sorted out the entire house though, from head to toe! We didn't even get to do our gardening, tommorrow is all fresh and sorted and we don't have to do anything but get into it...

I have my scrapping space back to normal, which I am sooo happy about but can't touch just yet as I have an assignment due on Friday, its a 6 lesson plans over the creative arts, and naturally, I haven't even started. Me = Slacker! No, not really worried about it, had so much happening I couldn't help it this time around.

We've joined up to do the Premier's reading challange, as I've said, and the kids have begun, but were running a bit late, so we will do two books a week until we are all caught up.

Coming up on the homeschool front though is a state wide celebration where we all get together and have a picnic, here's hoping for beautiful weather. Early June we are doing a Marine Centre class for home edders as well, and we will try our best to do some fishing down there on the day as well.... Tassie salmon is yummy.

Andrew is planning to send them all on Math's BootCamp, not sure what he has in mind, but I am curious, and good news! He is on new meds and they are doing very well for him, very few downs, lots of ups and motivation. So, we're all pleased.

Wishing you all well, Q.

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