View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Rain Came Down and the Fun Began!

We are currently fixing a friends computer and giving it a massive upgrade at the moment, and so she brought it around for surgery this morning. She also brought along a box of musical instruments and a keyboard which the children really really enjoyed playing with and Raven of course was in his element. He just doesn't make a bad sound for his age...

So we has a lovely visit and the beautiful fire was roaring and rain was pouring down and it felt like winter for the first time this year to me. And the funny thing is, I usually dread winter but today I felt really positive about it and I remembered all the things I really love about winter, like the warmth of a fire, the invigorating chill of an early morning, the muted colours and the snow.... I really hope we have a good fall this year, and lots of hot choc after a play in the snow always is really special.

After lunch we really got involved with lessons and creating stuff today. First off was a fun maths lesson which was easy for the eldest two, it was simply a colour by addition dinosaur worksheet. We then made mini Koi kites, which are now on a coat hanger and will entertain Monika. They then wrote a small story and illustrated it. It was fun. Dante was fast and not very careful today, which is hopefully not something that will continue. He's been so good with illustrations in the past. They did reading lessons first thing this morning too... Labyrinth is flying, she's about to get her teeth into the prelude to chapter books, which is exciting. We are doing other things Kai and Dante at the moment, Kai is reading all kinds of early readers, as he seems to enjoy those more and his mind doesn't wander so easily, and Dante read a Nemo reader as well, which is perfectly at his level right now. I'll buy him a new one on a more difficult level later...

Well these are the results of our creative efforts today:
Labyrinth, Kai and Dante. Labyrinth is about Zoids, as is Dantes and Kais is about Armies being silly and shooting in the desert.

These are the maths worksheets/colour-ins:

In birth order here: Labyrinth, Dante, Kai and Raven

And for some random art, A Visual CatFish pun by Dante & Swans, Cygnets and Nests by Labyrinth:

And the Koi Fish the children made:

And all the while Andrew worked on our friends computer....Q.

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