View From My House

View From My House

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today from the Trenches...

Raven's worksheet:

Labyrinth is coming along with knowing her grammar!
Kai's alphabet dot to dot of a plane:

Raven's cute drawing:

Dante's Sea Monkeys on Mars, inspired of course, by the Sea Monkeys themselves:

Now these are very precious. I read to them The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman, which I brought and got signed last night at A Night With Neil Gaiman, which deserves it's own post but later. When the children came home from a night at Nan and Pop's house (in which they surprised and impressed their dinner guests by their politeness and appetites!) they wanted to see what we'd done the night before and seen the signed books and of course have me read to them their new book. I was happy to oblige of course! These pictures are inspired by the book:
D is for Ducks and Dante:

K is for Kai: (with kites and kanoes)

L is for Labyrinth who loves lollies (which are yummy) and lions:

They've been busily working on a collaborative book inspired by Mem Fox's Time for bed. So today was about worksheets and battles. I read to them from Dr Suess before bed Fox in Sox. Dante read aloud to the others by choice Mem's book, and earlier Labyrinth did a spelling lesson with absolute ease! YAY! By George I think she's got it! When they've finished the book I'll give it a special post. Time for bed for me, maybe, Q.

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