View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Old Fashioned H/Edder Picnic, 14 Ravens and 6 Magpies

Young Master Raven, above, using a baton in a rather cute but unconventional way!
Below is Dante with his new friend, A.

Raven is looking cuties, this is inside the Ross Town Hall.
Outside, Dante poses for his shot. That there t-shirt is now well-known amongst home edders in Tasmania.

This young lady was stealing hearts, as usual... and below her big sister is playing and experimenting!

Caught unawares, Labyrinth looks like she's having fun! Below are examples of the creativity of homeschoolers amongst us:

Children playing and having fun at the picnic (Ross Town Hall in background):

Another of pretty princess above, and Kai inside the hall below in amongst the girls:

What a wonderful day we had with such a diverse mix of homeschoolers. What lovely people they all are. NO bickering or nastiness, just relaxed, healthy good fun! I got the word out there about the little forum, but it is quiet! No one new has joined yet. Apparently, twas tried a few times, but no one supports it because Tasmanian Home Edders are factioned and isolated, and seem to prefer to stay that way, unfortunately. The community is wonderful, but almost seem fearful of extending beyond their own groups, for some reason.
On the upside, the children made new friends. Dante met a girl and they spent a long time playing. Labyrinth was more accepted and more socially happy with the older girls, and she made some new friends too. Kai took much longer to settle in, but then he was having a ball with a bunch of girls inside the hall and didn't want to leave! Raven, though shy by nature, got in there and had a go with batons and juggling stuff - that really sparked his attention!
To think that this is the first home edders event state wide! I am hopeful it will happen more often! It was wonderful! Turn out was 150+, but they only expected 100, but it doesn't matter anyway, everyone pretty much catered for themselves. Met some wonderful people, and hopefully some will join the forum, and some were people we knew from before. Thank you to all who attended, it was a wonderful day and it is great you showed support to our wonderful community!
On the way there and the way back we noticed some interesting and wonderful things. For instance, bush sculptures of animals, iron sculptures of bushrangers and surveyors and animals etc and we counted 14 ravens and 6 magpies (although the magpies were all in one area). We also got to see a hawk. Not to mention the farm animals...!
I hope you and yours are safe and well,

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