View From My House

View From My House

Monday, May 5, 2008

Photoshop is FUN; and some sweet drawings...

Had some fun with photoshop today, because I'm getting some photos ready for scrapbooking. Here is a few of the girls I did for jigsaws, and the boys looking cute and devious:

Labyrinth was given a scarf by a friend so she's made this card to give her to thank her: The rose/heart like picture is cut out and pasted hearts, all of this was her idea too!

Here is a picture that Kai drew for a friend, which includes Andrew and I. He is even including eyebrows in some and he even tried writing his friends name, which is so cute and really close phonetically:
And here is a picture full of emotion by Dante, again, I had nothing to do with these, they just do them without prompting and I think it is absolutely wonderful!
Really, I am impressed with them. I gave them formal lessons in reading today, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. They are coming along smoothly. I have been busy, but not too busy to do informal fun stuff with them. For the last few nights we have been playing card games, snap, go fish (Thomas the Tank Engine), old maid (Dora), memory - that type of thing. So its all about recognising things that are the same and different, negotiation skills and learning how to play new games. Its on both Raven's and the older childrens levels. Plus Dante and Labyrinth as I might have mentioned are taking up the Premiers Challange in Reading, Dante has already completed one, a Mem Fox book (the one they have been drawing about) Time for Sleep. Labyrinth read a book today called Mad Dog (which was fairly smooth reading considering she it was the first time she'd picked it up. Kai read a book he hadn't read before as well, an early Reader Rabbit book. They read and write everyday now, I encourage it, but I'm not directing it so formally at the moment. Its just great they are doing it spontaneously.
Also Dante has been reading about the human body, its sparked his interest. Looking at a page with the skeleton on it he asked his father, "Dad, I can see all the bones, but where is the guts?"
Earlier today around the breakfast table they were animatedly discussing the recent trip to the Botanical Gardens, and Kai asked me, "When are we going again to the Satanical Gardens?" (I asked him to repeat it, it actually was what I was thinking, not some early morning hallucination.)
Later when we told each other these things Andrew pondered about what kind of children we are bringing up. Obviously very cute and sweet ones! Q.

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