View From My House

View From My House

Monday, May 26, 2008

Birds and Pictures.... and X-rays

Today several things happened.

First I'll talk about Kai. Kai didn't do any school learning today for the simple fact its coming up the the yearly anniversary of his broken leg. What a nasty episode that was, he split his femur in two, broke the long bone diagonally narrowly missing his growth plate (small mercies) and it was a third of the length of the bone. This is the kind of injury that is more common to skiing or car accidents. How did he do it? He was running down a small slope at Tolosa St Reserve, not noticing a large, stepped hole, he fell over bang onto his knee and Snap!!!

It was terrible, one of my nightmares is to see someone with a leg bent the wrong angle, and there he was my own son in this predicament, not 2 weeks off his fifth birthday... He was in a hip sica for 6 weeks, after half a week in traction (that week was hell. We kept a bedside vigil, as you do, but it was heartbreaking because everytime he needed to be moved ie to toilet or to be pulled up the bed because they screwed up the wieghts and he had to be dragged back up after he slid down X distance). Well, today is the week before D Day for poor young Kai. Simply put... as the injured area is stimulated to heal, it is also stimulated to grow. However, this means that if he overshoots he'll be lame unless he gets it surgically rebroken. So, after today's X-Ray, and next weeks visit to the registrar, we will be aware of which road we'll be headed. Another 6 weeks of pain for Kai for the sake of his leg, or he'll be all clear. Time will tell, but I'm nervous as hell for him....

So he and Andrew spent an hour waiting to be seen as the room was occupied by a naughty child who they could not settle for a long time for their X-Rays.

Meanwhile, at home, the remaining children and I did some lessons about birds. We were inspired by the bird watching on the way back from the picnic, and the swans we love to see on the way back home from being 'out'. The lessons for the big two were matching bird names together (ie half and half) and writing them out, then writing and drawing the birds we counted on the way home. So inspired were they that they've asked for some more bird lessons tommorrow! They are so curious, they really want to learn. So without further ado, here the pictures are...
Labyrinth's Swan and Cygnet:

Raven's star to star Swan:
Dante's picture of himself and his friend A from the picnic:

Labyrinth's bird name matching worksheet: Ditto Dantes:
Below is Raven's glow in the dark painted bugs he has worked on over several occasions. I love the colours - so glossy and he was so very careful. So very cute:

Here is Raven's bird pictures, he actually told me when he was drawing them that he was drawing a bird and a raven (that's a milestone!), and you can see it down the bottom right:
I'm so impressed with Dante's and Labyrinths birds today! They are fantastic, don't you think?

Above, last but not least is Labyrinths cut out drawing of a cat. I so think they are all getting better at writing and drawing, and their confidence is soaring!
In regards to reading, Dante finished off the orange level of HOP tonight, which means officially half way through grade 2 reading, Labyrinth is nearly finished the red level which is the one above, but her reading level is beyond that really, with what she reads now for pleasure!
They both will be getting an extra $10 pocket money for their wonderful progress!
Also they watched a documentary on dolphins (National Geographic) and I read some books, we revisited wombat stew, and the children helped me to read Green Eggs and Ham in front of a lushly roaring fire!
Hope you are enjoying a nice warm evening/day, Q.

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