View From My House

View From My House

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday on my mind

Well, today we went and the children spent their well earnt pocket money (they got a bonus) and of course were very happy.
Labyrinth spent hers on clothes, the Fashion Thing, and a milky bar.
Dante got a pteradactyl, but he really wanted lizards, which he is going to get once the tooth fairy returns.
Kai army men and an army boat.
Raven got three Dora boxed games. I think 4 games in total.
Monika got a new dress and some more clothes, mainly because she needs them as she is growing so bloody fast.
Thing about this is they have to work it out if they can afford X item, so they now have a good concept of money, how it's earnt and why not to buy crap (as it falls apart and nothing to show for the hard work).
We also got a heap more foam boxes for gardening, yet to get the potting mix.

After that we went to a good friends house and scratch made pizza! Last day of moo dairy 4me for a week,see if that's whats messing with me. I don't mind I like sheep/goats fetta and I am already on Rice milk anyway. Anyway, young friend's daughter was fascinated with making dough, seeing it rise etc, and she decided she wanted to make her own, and this led to all of the children bar Raven and Monika making their own. It was very good experience, one I think we will do again, at least as a family (then every individual taste can be addressed.) The children later did some painting of rocks. We reallyenjoyed it, as usual.
No camera, so no pics, sorry.

So a good day and a great night, ahhh! The good life!!!

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