View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spiders, sea monkeys and stuff...

Dante and Daddy caught the first bug to go into the bug catcher today, a baby huntsman, its still a decent size though! He is a bit of a strange boy, observing it and saying his good nights to it before bed.

The sea monkeys are growing so they are easily visable now, so I'll grab another pic of them for the blog tommorrow. I'll also get a pic of Labyrinth's new boots. They are hardy little buggers, as well as being ugly! Raven is constantly colouring in, mostly right in door ways laying down, cute! We did some archery yesterday, and it was nice to see I haven't lost anything for the somewhat large break and my little finger! We also did a walk around the fore shore and collected rocks for fishtanks and enjoyed the scenery as much as the glare would allow, and it FELT GOOD! I wanted to do more walking but Rave wasn't up to it, he's only little!

My finger has only my stitches on now (butterfly), which means it's a little more flexible. Andrew has been quite depressed too...

I've got some more plants for the paludarium! A Maidenhair plant which will hang in a basket and kind of flow around, and another Jasmine plant, which we discovered was actually an offcut (our original one for the paludarium was most definately a juvenile plant.

And today (19th) is my birthday. I'm going to bed now, while Andrew is still doing water changes and other things to fish tanks (cultivation, aquascaping more and water changes).

More tommorrow! Q.

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