View From My House

View From My House

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Fresh Beginning*

We've begun our lessons again. I've set up the 'calendar', which I will get a pic up of soon. The computers are yet to be completed.
I've even done some scrapping, but have to finish it before I post.
So: this is how the lessons worked so well yesterday. I got Labyrinth, Kai and Dante up to the white board, and we started with Sun Ray then added them together to make sunray, we did this with as many sun prefixes as we could think of sunrise, sunset, sunbeam etc, then we got on to Sunday. From there we discussed the days of the week, their origins and how to spell them. They were really into it, it was so organic! They liked the idea that there were reasons for the days names.
Then we began learning the germanic names of the week ie montag, dienstag, mittwoch, donnerstag, freitag, samstag and sonnetag (sp?). They recited them to me and I told them midweek seemed to make more sense to me than Wednesday.
After a break we did some addition on the white board, they called out the answers, it was a review kind of thing and for me to gauge if they'd forgotten anything (which they hadn't - *sigh of relief*), in fact Kai surprised me by getting them all right!
After which Labryinth happily did a board full of sums, and Dante did half a board full of sums, and they both got them all right.
Freecycle, as I've mentioned is a wonderful thing. We recieved some great kids books from a fellow recycler and put them to good use already. There was even a book of multiplication tables. YAY!
I also gained a heap of frames I'm going to use as off the page projects. Can't wait! My first will be for my husbands up and coming birthday, I'll be using black and white photos, with a black and white background.
Yesterday was payday, so the children got some new things with their pocket money, Dante got more small fish animals, of course! Fish stickers, and gum. Kai got cars. Labyrinth got a baby capsule for her bratz baby Chloe. Raven got Dora the Explorer PJs. We put on some clothes/pjs on layby too...
Life couldn't be sweeter (excepting for owning our own property with a private pier and a boat).
Be well, enjoy life.

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