View From My House

View From My House

Monday, February 11, 2008

And so it begins!

We are doing good! We did some lessons today, reading/writing. Actually journalling to be more precise, but it does include writing. Young Dante did really well in his lesson, surprised me, i didn't have to go back and review just got straight into the new book. Labyrinth would rather not work (frustrating). Kai was good too, hes remembered everything I've taught him about phonics to date, so we are progressing in the book.
I can't say enough praises for hooked on phonics I'm afraid. It just seems to be so easy for them, its wonderful. And easy to use. Of course, everything but reading and maths is pretty much spontaneous.
Like cooking this afternoon. Andrew made tea with the children, they made a pretty lush potato salad with parmesan cheese, fetta, stuffed olives, basil and coriander with some home made egg mayonaisse. Even Raven had a great time chopping up the olives (considering he lurves olives I'm not at all surprised - what I mean by that is he might eat nothing else but he'd have to be very ill not to eat all of his olives...) They all had a go at chopping up the taters, and mixing them together.
We decided to eat alfresco because it was lovely outside.
And they all earned some brownie points for chores and what they actually did in their lessons.

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