View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Are Done! And a shock!

Finally finished all the sorting, the house looks so organised and clean its amazing! Ready for our garden and outside work now, yes I am going out into the garden and putting in my Jasmine plants, and doing weeding and real work (depending on the weather, naturally).

We will start doing regular lessons again, too. I am most looking forward to this.

And so the Labyrinth returns. She's come home, after her camp and is in high spirits, its also a case of maturing overnight, it seems. She had a fantastic time, spent alot of time in the water, painted a ceramic pot planter and made herself a necklace. Oh, and won two things - a brand new purse and some lip gloss, one for being a big help. They turn into angels out of our sights! No, really she is a great girl and I love her dearly but sometimes we're at logger heads. We have improved alot of late, we did think she might be bi-polar like her daddy...

We also had a visit from Nanny who loves to come over to fuss over the baby. I don't mind this as she usually wants to clean, but I make sure she is limited in what she does, shes 65! However, today she didn't have alot to do :D YAY. I'm feeling healthy and able again. I had a nasty pregnancy and cesearean, but that was 4 months ago.

Monika has shocked the hell out of us. She, at 4 months is the same size Labyrinth was at 10 months (this is also when she began walking!) My brother dubbed her a living doll, because she was sooo small. They are polar opposites. Labyrinth is blue eyed, Monika is brown. Small vs Large. Both very smart, both beautiful. Actually they look very similar.

Dante has been studying sharks and dinosaurs (again), and actually drawing some amazing work for his age! I should scan some in, and share some photo's too.

Kai is Kai. As always, he'd prefer above all else to be playing army games on the computer.

Raven has been sick, and vomiting today. He seems to be suffering from asthma too.

YAY, we can start fun stuff now! Sooo looking forward to it!

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