View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trains are Fun!

Well, we have done more interactive learning, I'm aiming it to keep it interesting and fun.
We did scrapping together on Sunday, with the emphasis on "memory keeping" while this was contentious with Labyrinth (who wanted to make it into a story) we enjoyed it. Dante made a piece on dinosaurs and fish, his two great passions, Kai on armies, his passion, and Labyrinth on her experience at camp, and Raven on Dora the Explorer.
I've not quite finished my Little Boy Blue piece which is of Raven some time ago now, when I am finished I'll post it and the ones of the childrens too...
We also went and had a great BBQ at the Train Park in North Hobart. It was wonderful, bar one thing - Raven vomited all over the ground at the seating area. Poor little guy, he really does seem to suffer from vomiting episodes (and sensitive gag reflex). He appears alright this morning, and while it didn't stop him from exploring the park (at a subdued pace), I still feel for him. He's kept apple juice down since, but keeps asking for more. We know if we start letting him eat too early hes likely to just throw up all over again.
Also I'm enjoying my new fishies...wishing for more time and less housework (who doesn't?)
Adieu until next time, be safe :)

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