View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Splendour in the Grass

Not quite. But it was to us!

We had a busy morning working in the house, then a slow afternoon. Then the day really started for us. We all went on one of our "family BBQues". It was great, the children played full on for two hours, and hubby and I made a lush bbq tea, which included Chicken pasta salad, and fetta/spinach in pasta pockets which was tossed with basil, oil and sundried tomatoes, YUM YUM!

Hubby and I played on the grass with Monika while the others roly polyed down the grassy hill, and played in the play equipment. We also watched the clouds roll by - and Dante said the cutest thing *), he told us that a cute pig was chasing a fast fox up in the sky (cloud formation).
They also had running competitions, and played shops and house. It wasn't hot, nor cold, it was just a peaceful lovely time. The grass was GREEN! Not something you see out our way... out here its like straw. And hurts too.

I wish days could be made up entirely of moments like these... but then I wouldn't appreciate them as much, would I?

I really couldn't imagine a better life than the one we have right now. How am I going to cope in winter when I usually feel like hibernating like a bear??? LOL.

If I won lots of money it wouldn't be the people or lifestyle I'd change, I would probably build a house that met our needs better, and made a nice piece shangri la (sp?), but what we do and who we are I wouldn't want to change that, not for anything.

Its been a splendid day all round.

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