View From My House

View From My House

Monday, February 4, 2008

Camps, Sleep Overs and Friends

Today my little girl is off on her own on a camp. They are known as champ camps (children of the mentally ill service). I am happy for her, yet a little nervous. I just hope she makes some nice friends ands feels good all the time she is away. It sounds like a great spot, and I'm absolutely sure it will be fantastic!

So, later to make the boys feel a bit special since they were left at home, we took them to lunch at McDonalds, and they had a play of course. Later, I intended doing some scrapping with them, but my Mother calls and says she wants them to come over and stay. She took all three boys. She can be such an angel (and such a demon at times too!) So, the boys were totally thrilled and excited, and Andrew and I get to have some "us" (and Monika) time. Win-Win.

Yesterday, Andrew and I basically did all the book sorting, rearranging and I finished the clothes whilst Andrew got into the DVD sorting. So all in all we are 95% done. YAY! But edges can take some doing, but since I've got some time off I'm going to scrapbook tommorrow morning, and really enjoy myself. I'll post some tommorrow night. I am working on Andrew's birthday present atm. Hopefully I will get some time to do the scrappin' I want to do.

Basically the idea I have is a bit of a goth layout, with black and white photos of the children, it will be off the page to hang on the wall above his computer. Maybe I'll have to put it off though. I've been really desiring Heidi Swapp's ghost letters, and some arrived in the mail today! They are the icee uppercase variety, and nearly the colour of my posts!

I also got to catch up with some good friends and aquaintences. Unexpectedly, all of them. Two happen to be twins, but while they were born identical, they now look nothing alike. And an old friend who used to hang with us when Labyrinth was born and she had a baby called Imogen (lush name, eh?) who is three months difference (older and taller). I hadn't seen her since she was a bub, how they grow! We used to share breastfeeding tips! Now I have 5 children, and she has 3 - she suffers from Bi-polarity too. It can't be very good for her atm as she is living it hard (camping in the backyard with her family). She gets especially down with PND. I've had PND too (I'm on drugs for it now) with 3, while she's had it with every one. Her sister, also a friend, has three children, one is only a few months younger than Monika.

I got PND differently this time. I wasn't even aware I had it. I would have gladly said I had pre-natal depression (nasty pregnancy will get you every time), but I thought even with the emergency c-section (she was stuck and had been for about 7 weeks in a sideways position) and they didn't listen to me and I had to wait until I was overdue and my waters broke, that I was OK. I mean the other side of pregnancy is much much better than that any time. But it took my partner to point out how badly I wasn't coping. I wasn't affectionate to anybody except Raven and Monika. I didn't enjoy being touched by anyone else. I was just emotionless, dead with in, unsexual, you know the drill.

Well, happy to say I am much happier now, and getting a bit healthier mentally and physically and sexually. I have motivation, energy is returning and we are becoming much more organised.

But sadly, its the drugs. Well, at this point I'll say Nighty-Night.

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