View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ooops.... its been how long????

Well, I'll start from yesterday. We did shopping, organising etc and some lessons.
Friday we went fishing at Midway Point, we were challanged by a seal and, he being the better hunter won. Thursday we went fish shopping and brought Andrew a Peacock Eel, 2 RTBS, and a female cacatuoid. We've been doing lessons of course! Officially it was first day back at prison school too... I mean public. Wednesday we did lessons, writing, reading mostly. Tuesday was a photo shoot for Monika, then the afternoon was spent with Nanny while Andrew went to the doctors (to find out his hysterectomy was badly botched and one whole testicle is fully firing). I scanned in the scrap book of the children I gave to my mother, which I'll be adding to this blog as soon as I can.

Since yesterday I've been quite ill. Kai was too today, just off. Everybody else is OK.

Yesterday I realised I was going nowhere with Labyrinth and lessons. Look the boys are a breeze, they might not pick it up immediately but they give it a genuine go. Labyrinth on the other hand deliberately manipulates, plays up and gets distracted far too easily. Frustrating. Andrew decided to take her learning into his hands and she's an angel for him grrrrr!!!!! He's putting her right back to the start, and doing 20 pages per day until she is up to speed again.

Its dear Andrew's birthday tommorrow. So, the children and I made him a chocolate ripple snake cake, my mother made him a caramel choc swirl cake and Labyrinth and I cooked tea, which she was really good with. It was a chicken stirfry.

The children and I are also creating an off the page scrapping project for his birthday together (even if he's not real keen on the idea). It will look fantastic and I'm so looking forward to it. So, we've made a club shape, a heart, a diamond and a spade. I will make an ankh and a yin/yang symbol as all of these are special to us. I have all but Monika's photo ready, but Andrew wants to wait until Monika's photo shoot photos are in our hands for her pic. I got him to choose a special pic of each child.

Tommorrow is uni by distance day 1. I'm looking forward to it but it will be a squeeze doing full time again!

I'll be posting again tommorrow!

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