View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At home, but not boring...

exceptions: chores. Who really likes doing those????

We have a new approach to writing, the children are enjoying it better! On advice of my principal friend (who told me an anedote about a u-beaut school who was using inovative ways to get children literate - but was finding writing a struggle, who was basically getting children to do journalling). I have a new approach. Journalling wasn't interesting or fun for them. So we wrote a story together on the whiteboard, and then they copied parts of it. It got them more involved, but still Labyrinth struggles with it. She was interested until the actual writing part anyway.

We did spelling, writing and reading lessons today (and yesterday). I'm quite enjoying helping them become more literate and therefore more equipt to excperience the world. Dante is getting into the reading and spelling (and subvertedly writing).

Later today we will be doing maths.


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