View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Amazing Sea Monkeys....Part 2

And here they are, finally:

Young Dante has been hassling us since back here. Apparently the ones we use for feeding the fish (frozen and in cubes) are simply not the same. A very good thing about Dante is he makes sure that we get what he wants. Originally, we agreed to do it and let him spend his pocket money, we went to the shop to find they weren't in stock there or anywhere.

We later decided OK, we'll do them as an Easter present, he won't have to buy them. Easter can and went without sea monkeys because it was still dry. He reminded us then, and we managed to find them last pay, and we had a choice of three types, the ordinary kind, a castle and the above one - Mars. So, the homeschool money paid for it (not some money we get out of the government, unfortunately, we just put $40 aside for such things out of our pay, more if needed).
Above is Dante stirring in the salts. It takes 24 hours to "purify" and salinate the water.

Above the eggs have been stirred in, and we await for them to grow. Ugly little buggers. The pictures they use to market them don't do them justice. Here is what they really look like:

Here is a picture of one of my favourite artists, Frieda Kahlo, in a spoof Sea Monkeys picture to commemerate our leap into owning some sea monkey pets of our own.

sourced from: - 33k -

I love how the sea monkey is holding a sachet of a real sea monkey.

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