View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Loving Life!

See I have been Scrapping! So this one I did a couple of weeks ago and haven't had time since...

Raven's Sand Paintings^^

Well, we've been doing alot of informal learning of late, lots of reading to each other as always, lots of art work, listening to music, using the computer for learning (Rainforest Maths again, Dora and Thomas work for Raven, Utube for Labyrinth).

Confession to make. I've been doing a lot of catching up on uni work (I've got all my assignments in on time AND caught up so far). So, I've let the children do a fair bit for themselves. Luckily for me, they have learnt to be very good self-starters, and have been doing some wonderful things. Labyrinth made a "lift the flap book" about a Bratz Rock Concert in City Partk, Dante made a dinosaur picture which included a "lift the flap" so you could see little eggs inside and Kai has been doing alot of drawing and he does that really well. Raven did the above "Sand Paintings", to his and my delight, a bit of one on one time.

Dante's Pterdactyl.

Dante draws alot. This was just sooo cute though I had to post it. And below is Labyrinth's Scrap page of her Champ Camp, Feb this year. Its "about" the animal cafe they did on the last day!

Labyrinth's Champ Camp.
Last night we enjoyed a visit to a friends house, who has children around the ages of Labyrinth and Dante. We enjoyed 'havesting' walnuts, lush quasi-minestrone soup, and the company of some wonderful people. Thank You!
Well, until next time, Q.

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