View From My House

View From My House

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Question of Genetics

Now, I'm not expert on genetics, and I welcome anyone who has a clue to say their thoughts on it. But I was taught in high school brown eyes are dominant and not always but often be the colour if of the parents was brown eyed and the other blue eyed. Well, my husband has the classic blue eyes, but are sometimes grey... I have an unusual type of brown eye, but they are still brown. So here is the equation:



A couple more oddities. Kai and Dante pictured first and second, had blue eyes, but they are now hazel tending to green and grey sometimes. Labyrinth and Raven are both blue, but Raven's are paler, Labyrinth is more vivid, despite how they translated. Monika, being number 5, is our only brown, tending to black. My eyes must be recessive, as they are so light, maybe?

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