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View From My House

Friday, April 25, 2008

Make Love Not War, Man...

We had a traditional Aussie lunch of roast lamb. We then had a lesson about the ANZACs, which was basically an online study guide for young children, it can be found here. By the end of it the children were restless so they went outside for a long play. They were impressed by Simpson and his donkey though. They were more interested in the stories than the events, at thier age, who can blame them?

We then began cooking a traditional Aussie tea of scones and ANZAC buscuits.

They now want to go check out a war memorial so they can see some of the names of our brave soldiers who died. We discussed what freedom is, and how we have a form of freedom where we can have some choices, but we are not really completely free, though. Ideally, we would be free to make nearly every decision we would like to that doesn't interfere with another's choices or safety. This is not the case here in Australia. Like many nations, we have ridiculous and stupid laws, some are so out of date they literally are not kept by anybody. Some of them are cute though, like a pregnant woman can have a wee any where she pleases.

Our scones are heart shaped. This is what the title of this post refers, Make Love Not War! I am of the mind set that I would go to great lengths not to go to war, but I certainly wouldn't entertain the notion of not fighting in the act of defence. This does not include war on a nation for financial gain, nor putting one's belief system over that of another's.

While I appreciate the freedom I do have, especially to raise my children safely and homeschool them, I do think that as a global community are not ready to quit the notion of war. Too many individuals are not like minded. While I am not paranoid about terrorists, I am prepared to fight for the lives of the people I love in defence, and for our freedom to live as we choose. I am prepared to fight on home soil to keep the freedoms I enjoy, that is I won't be sending my children into the education system to be dumbed down. I would sooner leave this country of mine than give up my right to home educate (and they give home edders money per student to acquire curriculum and learning materials in NZ, well technically they do in NSW and VIC as well, but I don't live there!)

I hope you all had a good ANZAC day. Enjoy the freedom that was hard earnt by our nations heroes because of the stupidity of other nation's leaders. Q.

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