View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Pics and Thoughts

Dante is a real Otaku. The boys really like ZOIDS, pokemon, Hamtaro and they also like Ben Ten. Labyrinth, at the moment likes pokemon, sailormoon, and studio Ghibli stuff and Hamtaro. Above is Picachu and Ash.
Kai finally did a picture which doesn't involve gunfire! YAY for Kai! This is the four eldest children playing at McDonalds. Raven is at the end of the slide at the bottom.
Here Monika is doing what she does best - makes the whole world smile with her :)
A beautiful, strange, endearing photo of Raven.
If you can read it says: Dante 14/3/08. Obviously out of date, but hey, it was so good it had to go onto the blog at some point. This picture has been in our "gallery". Anytime the kids do something exeptional, it is put up on display in the hallway, and often guests will check it out and make comments on these special pictures. It really makes them feel good and worthwhile. Which is important right now for Dante, as his "unique" talent for drawing isn't so "unique" anymore, as Labyrinth and Kai both are starting to move along with drawing. Which isn't to say he can't do it anymore, its just he feels he can't say he is the best anymore, and it irks him.

Anybody can learn how to draw, it isn't difficult. Each of us has the ability to do many things, its how we do them that is important. I was reading some comics by a guy called Jack T. Chick today, a link off a forum. That was a bit scary. He is a christian with a bit of an attitude. I guess I am quite liberal, and to see a very talented artist doing comics like this was astounding!

Today the children at a play at HJ's and an icecream. Despite the morals of eating at a global coperate cichlid establishment - lol- it is incredibly convenient, and the children love it. It was good because a lot of play areas were today saturated with rain, which is also a wonderful thing. I'm thinking to myself that the drought will break in the next year or so I hope. Our little garden got a good drink, that's for sure!

I'm wishing for wonderful great things to happen, but I'm putting in the ground work and finishing off my degree by distance, so tommorrow I'll be working hard on something I despise - the essay. Some essay writing is good, it's about stuff I enjoy learning about or thinking about, but not this one. Its about mobile phones! I use one sometimes, but I don't really care for them. They are not made for hands like mine, they are made for delicate people, which I am not. Nails are also an issue. To me socially speaking they are an annoyance and can zap money too. But I have to think about all the good stuff too, like emergencies or whatever.

A friend has recently invited me to jam with her sometime. I will probably take up the offer, considering I haven't for a long time it will be good for me!

Have a good nite *Q*

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