View From My House

View From My House

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dreaded worksheets.

Yes, we did the dreadful worksheets today, the kids do so love them. Even Raven insists on doing it, even though he's only two... I've gotten out of it because we've been so busy this last week. But, here we are, and they are asking for them again. To make it a bit more interesting there was some cutting and pasting, and a science worksheet relating to the gardening they did afterwards. And they took turns reading the letter (as in a written letter between friends)/proper nouns worksheet.

Kai is extending himself and easily keeping up to the other two's level. Dante seemed a bit slower about it, until half way through he caught on. Labyrinth went through and did it all while she waited for the boys. So, really, she is streaking ahead and I'll probably give her extra stuff to do later on. Raven loves cut and paste, so he did two today, one was colour in shapes, cut them out and put them on a flag. He told me what the shapes were before and after colouring them, so its in there. These are the results.





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