View From My House

View From My House

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Amazing Sea Monkeys!

Today young Dante discovered Sea Monkeys! That's what we'll be buying for him next time he gets his pocket money. Yesterday, Daddy and Dante went fishing at a place called Blackman's Bay - great place for rock pools etc. Dante explored and caught some shrimp, hoping to put them in a tank when he returned home. They also got a whiting. We've decided to plan a homeschool outing down there and make up a native salty tank and try and keep them alive at home.

As his shrimp didn't last the night :( a very sad Dante inspired us to tell him all about Sea Monkeys. Now he wants them. We did some research and found that a varient species called Sea Dragons, and you can also get tiny snails to go with them. We'll probably be getting all three species and putting them into a sea monkey aquarium. Dante likes the underwater sub, however, we may just have to buy that from the net if he really really wants it.

While Daddy and Dante enjoyed their fishing exploits, Labyrinth, Kai, Raven and I had our own fun at home. We did various games and activities on the computer, and then we all built magnetix together and had lots of fun, we even attempted a housing structure! We spent some time with Monika outside (she lays on a blanket having tummy/back time - shes confidently rolling now), while Labyrinth continues to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. Raven and Kai played on the trampoline and Kai had a go on a hopper. Usually when the whole family are out in the afternoon in the yard (too hot and too lack of ozone to do it in the middle of the day) we do archery practice as well. But not today.

I have been organising our home to work more efficiently. I have alot of scrapbooking materials that never found a home, so we brought a large multi basket structure on wheels, but it cant take the weight of all my supplies! So we'll have to be ingenious and make it work somehow.

I have baby Blue Acaras that are now big enough to survive in other tanks and on Friday I brought two baby angels, a black lace and a silver, to go with the remaining babies. We have odd laws on fish keeping in Tasmania, so I can't simply give them to shops to sell or trade them away or even give them away so I'm not sure what I want to do - I don't want to kill them! I have about 20!

Better go, baby Monika calls :)

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