View From My House

View From My House

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Widdle Black Ducks... awww

Swan's feeding their cynets off Bridgewater Bridge, not far from home. Photo curtesy of Andrew, who went to great lengths to get these photos for me. But oh so worth it, I'm sure you would agree! We've been watching this family with five cygnets for some time now, I do hope they survive the winter, they are just so small and cuties

These are the drawings of the swans the children did today. First is Labyrinth's Swans styled in Mem Foxes Time for Bed, it says "Time for bed, little swan, little swan, the stars are out and on the loose."
Dante's picture is below, with swans and sharks, and a man fishing near a boat.

Above is Kai's most excellent swan picture, which has a diplurodon in it too. Perhaps a little anachronistic, but very cute!
That's all for now, tommorrow I'll be posting about our amazing sea monkeys! Q.

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